Budapest Hostels

A+A Hostel
This may very well just be your normal kind of hostel, but it covers all of the basics that this type of accommodation generally offers and that in itself is a good enough reason to go ahead and book your room there.

Seagull Hostel
The hostel only has four bedrooms and each room has a shared bathroom, but even with that we are not talking about too much upheaval or you having to share with too many people. This does mean that the Seagull hostel has a rather comfortable atmosphere about it and it is certainly quiet at night making it very easy for you to go ahead and have a great nights sleep.

Acacia Hostel
However, this hostel is not the biggest in the city as there are only three rooms available, although size really is not everything. Indeed, this does give the Acacia Hostel a rather friendly atmosphere with everybody able to spend time getting to know one another as guests come and go throughout the day.

Boomerang Hostel
Also, the friendly way in which the staff at reception, which is open 24 hours a day, deal with your questions is just the exact same as the kind of atmosphere that is throughout the hostel itself as this is an easy-going and laid back atmosphere which transcends throughout the different guests that stay there on a daily basis.

DBC Hostel
The one thing that has to be said about the DBC Hostel is that you are not going to be disappointed with what is on offer and this resembles more of a medium sized hotel rather than hostel style accommodation. Overall, it represents value for money and covers all of the basics which is exactly what you should be looking for from a hostel.